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I have read and agree to abide by the following code of conduct:

  1. Respect for all athletes, coaches, volunteers, and spectators will be shown at all times.
  2. Not being under the influence of alcohol and drugs on the range or at club activities.
  3. No belligerent, rude, or aggressive behaviour both verbally and/or physically towards athletes, coaches, volunteers, spectators, guests.
  4. No stealing and no damaging property of both the club and other athletes or spectators.
  5. No harassment verbally, sexually, or physically of athletes, spectators, coaches, volunteers, or building staff.
  6. Respect for the rules of archery and proper use of the range and archers' etiquette will be shown at all times.

There is zero tolerance for not following the code of conduct and anyone breaking the code of conduct could be asked to leave the premises immediately.

No refunds.

Please select this box to indicate your agreement with the above code of conduct.

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