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Club History

The Kingston Archery Club, as it is now, was founded in the mid 1980’s so local archers could compete with standing and share resources. Around this time, a 3D range was built on the edge of Fairmount Home’s property in then Kingston Township. This new range allowed the club to host tournaments for archers not only from this area but from across Ontario.

Over time, and with the help of dedicated volunteers, the outdoor range was developed and refined into one of the best in Ontario. Trails were cut in the woods with defined shooting lanes and boardwalks were installed through the low lying areas. Buttresses were built in the open space now called “The Meadow” and field targets were built along the trail in the woods.

As interest in archery increased, members met at various indoor locations over the winter months. Ranges were set up at the Portsmouth Harbour site, Kingston Seniors Centre, Marie Rivier High School, and now at St. Luke’s Anglican Church.

Club activities have grown throughout the years as well to now include at least two 3D and one field annual tournaments. They also include a lessons program for new archers and various outreach activities through the year to promote the sport of archery in the Kingston region for years to come.

Our Mission

To represent and advance the sport of archery in the Kingston area through educational, competitive, and team-supporting activities.

To maintain appropriate and safe facilities to support these activities, including but not limited to archery lessons, workshops, practise sessions, and competitions.

Through a partnership with the Royal Military College of Canada the Kingston Archery Club facilitates training and practice in the archery tradition for students of the Indigenous Leadership Opportunity Year (ILOY).

Front gate - Kingston Archery Club
The activities of the Kingston Archery Club take place on lands of the Haudenosaunee & Anishinaabe peoples. In the course of engaging in the traditions of archery the Kingston Archery Club and its members endeavour to practice good stewardship of the land.

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The Kingston Archery Club
1092 Princess Street
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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Email us at: info@kingstonarcheryclub.com

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